Stay calm and confident with our Conflict Resolution and Threats Management training

We are a Conflict Resolution and Threats Management training company who are nationally accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management.


 Our courses are designed to improve confidence and awareness when dealing with aggression or conflict.

 Our aim is to keep your staff safe when dealing with difficult customers.

 Our courses are highly interactive and we use your experiences to ensure the training is relevant to your sector.

 We believe that a consistent and inspirational approach to training will inspire confidence, engage your staff and make them feel more secure.

If your staff potently face an aggressive situation at work then the ability to de-escalate a volatile situation or “Breakaway” from an aggressor is vital.

There may be occasions in the public and private health sectors, educational, social care or security settings when it is lawful and necessary for staff to use physical intervention skills to protect themselves and others from imminent danger.

Lone Workers could be remote staff, home visitors, nurses, estate agents, security guards, government staff or many other professions. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states “A Lone Worker as someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision”.

Most incidents that result in aggression or conflict starts with, or is sustained by, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Staff Personal

Staff Personal

The course raises understanding of the potential risks associated with dealing with potentially violent people. Employees learn skills to conduct a Dynamic Risk Assessment and to manage their own verbal and non-verbal skills in order to communicating under pressure.

Employees are trained in the management of conflict and aggression by learning the knowledge, gaining the confidence and skills to deal with these situations.

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Tom has attended the Threat Assessment and Management course in the USA run by Gavin De Becker Associates.  Gavin De Becker is widely regarded as America’s leading expert on the protection of public figures.  This course which has been running for over 20 years and has been attended by law enforcement, government agencies, schools and universities, corporate security, legal, human resources, and mental health experts.

Tom attended a course run by the Gavin De Becker organisation where the training covered the most advanced concepts for predicting violent behaviour, and ways to link each instructional block to actual scenarios and cases.


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