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Training Specific for your Staff  

Staff Safety Training specialises in health and safety training courses specifically for staff in different sectors so you will not get any generic or irrelevant examples. 100% of the content is related to your setting ensuring that your staff are engaged and alert throughout the course.

Simple Booking Process  

Our business is run using a purpose-built booking and course management system that ensures that errors and corrections are kept to an absolute minimum. We appreciate that you are busy, so we want to make arranging appropriate staff safety training as easy as possible.

We offer a free reminder service  

Ensuring that all your staff member’s safety training certifications are still valid can be time consuming and unpleasant administrative chore. Let us make life easier for you. We will automatically remind you when your first aid, fire safety, food preparation, Positive Handling qualifications are coming up for renewal.

About Tom Aitken

Tom is one of the UK’s leading Personal Safety Advisor. He provides advice and guidance to different sectors regarding violence, risk reduction, critical incident predictions, positive handling strategies as well as personal safety. He has worked with adults and young children for over 20 years. In career so far has covered roles as diverse as published Author, Qualification Writer and a Director of an OFQUAL Regulated Awarding body. As a Trained Expert Witness through the Bond Solon Legal Training Company, he can bring your organisation a unique experience and insight to addressing violent behaviour. Tom and his team currently engage with over 900 organisations across the UK, helping to protect staff.

Tom Aitken

National Conflict Resolution Coach

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